Cross-Disciplinaryyoga honours the creativity and personal truth of every student. Instead of learning how to be true to the DevaTree method, students are guided through a learning progress that helps them to be true to themselves, both on and off the mat.

Welcome to DevaTree. We're so excited to be your guides in this transformational experience!

With a combined 50+ years of experience as clinicians and 40+ years immersed in yoga, we are deeply committed to helping you uncover your deepest joy, truest path, and purest potential.

With love,

Carolyn & Tamika

MSW, RSW, E-RYT 1000

I felt so wrapped in a cocoon of silken love in the environment you generated. There is such added sparkle when you both are in the room. Sharing your world, your friends, the students you guide, the families you touch—I loved it all. You are gifted in so many talents of the spirit.

- Don Stapleton, Brahmanand

Ph.D. in Creativity and Self-Development